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Russian Transaero Selling Tickets for Tbilisi Flights without Permission

The Russian company Transaero is cheating passengers when selling Moscow -Tbilisi tickets, as the Georgian side has not given its permission in this direction.

Commersant.ge was told by  Guram Jalaghonia, the Civil Aviation Agency. He says Transaero expressed interest in entering the Georgian  market, but did not receive permission yet.

The company  can launch flights  in a short period of time after permits are obtained, but there is no guarantee that it will be issued. Accordingly, as Jalagonia explains, the company’s sale of tickets means cheating of passengers.

CEO of Airzena  Iase Zautashvili advices passengers to refrain from purchasing  the  airline tickets, in his words, it is not clear why the Russian company sells the tickets, because they did not obtain permission.

At the same time, Zautashvili says, based on the agreement on the resumption of regular flights between Russia and Georgia, any other company, apart from Aeroflot and Siberia,  is not considered for the entry into Georgia.

“Transaero actions raise a big question to the Aviation Agency, on what basis the company sells tickets?This is a very big shady enterprise, but not the company’s. It seems that it has a false expectationconcerning obtaining permission. And if receives, the question will arise  – based on what calculations they bring the  Russian companies? “- Zautashvili notes. He adds  he doubts that the timetable theRussian companies want to entry with,  10 times exceeds  the number of visas issued to Georgiancitizens per year. Consequently, it appears that there is no demand in this regard.

In Zautashvili’s words, from the end of October till the end of March there is the so-called low season in aviation, when air companies reduce the frequency due to a decline in passenger flow. In Georgia, the opposite happens and in the low season frequency  and a number of airlines is growing, but also from a country with which the visa regime issue has not have been resolved.

The company’s website informs that the  Russian airline Transaero launches  regular direct flights between Moscow and Tbilisi.. Flights will start from December 21.

Earlier, on October 27, Aeroflot  also restored regular flights in the same direction.

According to the information placed on  Transaero site, one-way flight will cost  GEL 200, a travel fee in both directions – about GEL 432.

As for the prices offered by Aeroflot, they range within GEL 180 (economy class) and  GEL  2 330 (business class).

Georgian Airzena flies in the same direction for  GEL 560-580 (economy class) up to GEL 1 520 (business class), while Siberia Airlines’ prices  amount to GEL 560-580 (economy class) and  GEL 2 000 (business class).