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Russian Demand for Georgian Wine Reduced

A demand for Georgian wine reduced in the Russian market which  wine companies explain by  the end ofsales boom and the start of the stable sales.
Director General of  “Schuchmann Wines Georgia”Nutsa  Abramishvili notes that there was a great demand and  good payment terms  in Russia, theexporters paid in advance  and reserved products.

I do not know what will be in the case of Russia in 2015, however, today 40% of our exports go to this market, and in 2015 we plan to reduce its share to 20%, as a result of diversification of other markets.

Diversification will occur   at the expense of the American, Asian, European and the CIS  states where we are already present – in about 15 countries  and we plan  to expand.

“Schuchmann Wines Georgia”  began to export its products  to Russia in the fall of  last year,  in the first half of 2014 the company’s total exports have  tripled compared with the same period of 2013.

In addition, Abramishvili notes that Georgian businessmen  face the problem regarding the arrival in Russia and have no means to check  their products on the site.

“These are political processes and the National Wine Agency cannot solve them, there should be political will,” – she adds.

On the other hand, Director General of “Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking”  Zurab Chkheidze notes that the Russian market has peculiar impulses, today there are  relatively  decreased sales, as it is summer and people went on vacation, but at the end of July this situation has changed and in August the situation will revive.

According to Chkheidze, the company has significantly increased sales to Russia, plans to expand  and for this purpose signed an agreement with another contractor.

Recall that according to “Tbilvino” Director General, sales are reducing slowly and  by the end of the year there can  be a slight reduction in sales.