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Russian Businessman buys Parma FC for 5 million euros

Parma made it to the UEFA Europa League Last season. However, the club could not obtain the a UEFA license due to its poor financial state and hence could not play in the League. President of the Club Tommaso Ghirardi decided then and there that he would sell the club to a new owner. He turned his decision into reality several days ago by selling the club to an unnamed Russian businessman.

An unnamed Russian-Cypriot conglomerate acquired the Emilian football club. “They will be Russian-Cypriot, I can confirm that, but I cannot reveal the names,” said Ghirardi. The buyers remain incognito as the information spreads through media outlets that one of them is the Russian petroleum sector businessman Suleyman Kerimov.

The new owners of the club are expected to cover Parma’s extensive debts. As the football club’s general director Pietro Leaonardi comments that both sides are happy with the deal.