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Royal Honey

Royal Honey – 20-year-old Giorgi Gomelauri Makes Father’s Hobby into Real Business

My father holds bees for 15 years, but this trade was only a hobby for him. And I wanted to make my father’s hobby into real business and I adjusted my education and future plans to this field.

This year I established Royal Honey company and all members of our family are involved in this business, Giorgi Gomelauri, 20, a student of agrarian university, said.

In his interview for the Marketer.ge, Giorgi Gomelauri talks about the advantages, special offers and distribution channels for Royal Honey.

– How do you plan to ensure market positioning of Royal Honey?

– This is a very valuable project for us and I called it as Royal Honey. It is a unique product for consumers, who are able to buy honey in comb. We have placed both honeycomb and honey in a jar, packed it and introduced to the market in this different way.

_What is the main advantage of Royal Honey?

-Our honey is a special product, because it is a natural product and it does not contain antibiotics. Natural honey is characterized by the following criteria: if beekeepers honestly cares for bee, does not feed them with sugar and antibiotics, they receive natural honey. Over the past 2 years we care for bees with bio preparations and we insist that we produce natural honey.

-Where do you prepare your honey and which stores have to applied to for honey distribution?

-Our product is made in Akhmeta. At this stage, we produce honey in 320ml and 700ml jars. Royal Honey is sold at Carrefour, Fresco, Goodwill, Agrohub and GemoRcheuli networks.

-What about future challenges before Royal Honey?

-In the near future our company will produce new products of honey. However, details are confidential. We also have offers to export our product to various countries.