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Reviving Ancient Jewelry Traditions –Qarisma Atelier

In a modern world, where traditional roots are easy to forget, Georgians are pushing forward a movement to revive ancient jewelling traditions.

When you Visit Georgia – one of the most ancient and fascinating countries of the world, you discover stunning landscapes.

Fortified mountain villages, ancient churches, unclimbed peaks, wild beauty of the nature and hospitable people. Nature in Georgia will take your breath away. Georgian wine is deeply engraved culture and religion. Tasty food, incredible architecture and their own languages and scripts will not leave you indifferent.

During traveling to Georgia, you will meet Georgian Minankari, Cloisonne Enamel Jewelry. These jewelry has its own special value, and it is not only accessorizes.

Traditional Georgian applied art is mainly represented by high art items fabricated from ceramics, metal, enamel.

Georgia is famous for its fine jewelry, metal engraving and enameling. Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating precious metalwork objects. Georgian cloisonné enamel dates from the fourth century as Byzantine cloisonné enamel.Nowadays Georgian cultural cloisonné enamel monuments survived more than Byzantine.

QARISMA is the company new generation of designers with artisans work to create most amazing and excellent. Highest quality, handmade JEWELRY artworks with its clearness of the baffles, vivacity of colors and ideal forms. 

QARISMA stands for unique hot Enamel Jewelry handcrafted following an ancient tradition. Each Item is absolutely unique. The lively and fascinating colors make QARISMA jewelry always look perfectly vivid and are a guaranteed sensation.

  • QARISMA always offers special jewelry for every taste and kind.
  • Jewelry QARISMA strives to bring joy and happiness to its owners for decades to come.
  • Sometimes we wear jewelry to emphasize our appearance or to highlight something beautiful about us, but
  • QARISMA Jewelry has more purpose than to just look pretty when we wear it.

Every now and then, when we wear QARISMA jewelry, revolves us around the culture, philosophy and concept that matters to the country or places we visit.

Each piece of QARISMA Jewelry is the beautiful crafted document reflected of our existence at the reality we are involved in, that will be sent to your Generations.