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Revenue Service Illegally Fines the Hotels

The Revenue Service illegal fines  the hotels. We are talking about the cases of the currency exchange  when  the hotel’s clients pay in dollars and afterwards their money is converted.

Under the Georgian  legislation,  payment in dollars is banned in the territory of Georgia, except for the free industrial zones, free trade areas and cases defined by the National Bank.

However, the hotels are allowed to  take the equivalent amount  of up to GEL 2 000  in dollars and convert it, according to  the NBG President’s order of February 7, 2012.

Despite the Central Bank’s order, the Revenue Department has fined dozens of companies up to GEL 200 for receiving payment for services in dollars.

“Beau Monde” hotel is  among the fined companies where the Revenue Service’s “mysterious client” paid the  hotel room fee in dollars. The company’s lawyer Koba Bobokhidze says  that despite the fact that a hotel employee  converted ” the client’s”  money and  returned the corresponding change in the lari  as well as a check,  the Revenue Department considered that the hotel did not have the right to take the dollar amount.

The company’s management  sued the Revenue Service over the unjustified fine. The court found  the fine illegal and  brought   the National Bank’s resolution as the argument.

In Koba Bobkhidze’s words, the  Revenue Service stated in the court that in total 50 hotels had been fined for this reason.

However, the Revenue Service denies the information.  “Commersant” was told at the Service that a single  offense protocol had not been written on such a case.