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Record Sales Of Metro City Project

Irma Qamadadze: We Provide Environment that is Tailored and Acceptable to All of Clients

– Metro Atlas Georgia appeared on the market in 2012. This is a small while for the company. Nevertheless, the company is a success. Our society has got thorough information on your project of Metro City. What factors have provided respect and confidence in your company?

– Transparency of our performance has brought confidence and respect to our company. The main objective is to provide high-level construction works, high-quality services thanks to skilful and experienced employees. Each of our clients are confident that all their requirements and needs are taken into account completely. We provide the environment that is tailored and acceptable to all categories of our clients. The construction works started in February 2015 and the major part of these works has been almost finished. We build quickly and valuably in line with all modern and international standards. Our company applies high-quality and ecologically clean construction materials.

– What are the Metro City advantages? Would you provide more details on the project implementation?

– Metro City is a special project. Customers are able to buy apartments for recreation purposes nearby the coastline. We offer a full infrastructure on a footstep way from the beach, a conference hall for 1500 persons, an outdoor swimming pool for the complex clients, closed coastline with golden sands, casino and shopping mall. Metro city is a small city in the city.

– We know 50% of the apartments, that is, over 300 apartments have been already sold. This is a genuinely record figure. What factors have preconditioned such a success?

– Several financial proposals and the best contractual terms have boosted this process. The document provides detailed description of rights and duties of customers and this factor rules out any misunderstanding in the deal. We provide maximally open and transparent relations with our clients. Our schedules are optimal and real and the project is a unique and major one.

– How competitive prices do you offer to your clients? Have you introduced an internal installment payment scheme? If so, which commercial bank have you chosen for cooperation and what are specific offers in this respect?

– We offer an internal installment payment scheme to our clients. In case of a 10% deposit, the maturity period is 36 months, a 25% deposit ensures a 60 month maturity period.

– What are future plans of Metro Holding, a founder of Metro Atlas Georgia?

– We plan to implement other projects that will be introduced to the society in the near future.

– How would you appraise the current situation in Georgia’s housing and hotel sectors? How intense competition is recorded in these directions?

– The competition is quite intense. You know many foreign companies launch business activities in Georgia. Our company appeared in Georgia only 3 years ago, but I can openly say we have provided sharp competition on the market to other companies.

– What is your opinion on Georgia’s business environment?

– Georgia provides very favorable environment. The current stable situation in the country fosters the economic development and an influx of investments.

– What is your opinion on Georgia’s tourism sector development? What potential and preconditions exist in Georgia to further boost this field?

– The tourism business a priority direction in our region. The region’s tourism potential should be more promoted. The infrastructure should be arranged and the ski resort tourism should be also boosted.