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Qibar Khalvashi: President should also Receive Me

Qibar Khalvashi: President should also Receive Me

“I welcome that Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili is interested in the dispute around Rustavi 2 TV company ownership issues and he has held several meetings in a short period. He has met with diplomats, a part of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), basically founded after October 1, 2012, parliamentary and non-parliament oppositions, mainly, one-member parties and in practice – the United National Movement, the party is this dispute’, Qibar Khalvashi says in his special statement.

“I expected the President, as an unbiased arbiter in our country, would invite me to the meeting. These expectations have not justified yet. I have not received an invitation from Margvelashvili.

Therefore, I have decided to make a public address to request a meeting with him, as a top official who is interested in the issue and knows this case.

At the meeting, I will describe the factual circumstances in terms of legal and public aspects. I will reservedly tell him that his address to the court “not to take hasty and rigid decision is an expression of pressure and this is inadmissible. I will also say to him that his statement as if “in other case, preconditions for violation of the constitutional order and civil confrontation will be created” directly derives from the political interests of the UNM and Odessa Governor Mikheil Saakashvili, the party in the dispute and these statements have nothing common with factual circumstances of the dispute.

I will update him on all details around the Rustavi 2 case, as well as how and why they burnt down and annihilated my property, appropriated my property, arrested me and persecuted by family members and relatives, how they made me flee  from Georgia abroad.

I also hope the President protects the rights of oppressed and damaged citizens and does not execute political plans of the specific political party.

I would like to believe that the President did not have enough time to meet with our party and he will necessarily respond to this address.

I do not want to think otherwise, because in other case the President will appear a biased party who gives preference to the interests of the ex president and currently Odessa Governor instead of defending the truth of ours and thousands of other citizens in our situation, instead of protecting our legal demand for return of our property. We have elected Mr. Margvelashvilil as a Georgian President because of his pre-election promises, not for lobbying Saakashvili and his interests.

It is an axiom that the president should not be a biased party in a democratic country and he/she should not meet only one party around problematic issues.

I am sure Giorgi Margvelashvili will not ignore my legitimate demand like Saakashvili and Brothers Karamanasvilis and he will meet with me as he has already met with Saakashvili’s National Movement.

The struggle always makes sense and I believe in this struggle the Georgian President will support the truth”, the statement reads.