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Promotion of “Borjomi” Begins in South Korea

Promotion of Borjomi Begins in South Korea

Borjomi is being exported to South Korea. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the first shipment of the mineral water brand reached the Korean peninsula in June.

The import of Borjomi is conducted by the Korean commercial firm ANK Service Co, which has exclusive rights to distribute and sell IDS Borjomi products in South Korea. The product is being sold in 0.5 l glass bottles, which retail at around USD 6 per bottle. The issue of exporting Borjomi to South Korea was discussed on 29 August during a meeting at the Embassy of Georgia in the Republic of Korea.

It was announced during the meeting that the campaign to increase brand awareness of Borjomi in South Korea will include printing of brochures in Korean and English languages. Furthermore, ANK Service Co is conducting negotiations with several large retail networks with a view to sell the products in their stores.