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Program to Support Small Business to be Launched in 2015

Government launches a new program with a total budget of  GEL20 million to support micro- business. It provides for the issuance of grants in the amount of GEL 5 000 to peasants, and grants in the amount of GEL 15 000 for small business entities, consisting of three people.

Everyone who will decide to open a business in rural areas and invest in the project at least GEL 1 000 will get  GEL 5 000.

The program began in September, and its purpose is to growmicro- business in the regions of Georgia.

According to the acting Director at Georgian Entrepreneurship Development Agency George Tsikolia, in the first 4 months of the program ideas and suggestions will be mainly collected, as well as trainings for entrepreneurs will be conducted.

“In this period consultations and trainings will take place, after which each beneficiary will have to personally write a business plan, study  the basics of accounting in order to eventually have the skills necessary for doing  a profitable business,” – he says.

The program will last for 28 months, of which the first 4 months will be a preparation period, then, in early 2015 grants will  be distributed. The last months of the program will focus on the monitoring of the received grants.

“We believe that about 3 200-3 400 beneficiaries will receive grants, which will create 4 000 jobs. According to our calculations, 75% of them will be profitable. As for the number of business entities that will be funded, it is more likely we are talking about approximately 2 800 entities,”- Tsikolia notes.