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Problem of Unskilled Staff Bothers all Georgian Companies

Georgia faces an unemployment, on the one hand,  and  on the other  businessmen cannot find qualified professionals and personnel problem is acute for all companies.
What is a reason, how can this problem be solved, and what mechanisms should be developed? What is the opinion of business and non-governmental organizations, and what are specialties  in the highest demand in the  country?

“Lack of qualified personnel is due to the fact that demand does not match supply on  the labor market, and real professionals are preyed upon in the literal sense, they are lured from one company to company. There are many reasons causing the personnel problem, and if they are not studied fundamentally, all will remain as it is now, “- said afounder and President of HR Professionals’ Guild   Lily Bibilashvili.

According to her, the problem is equally important for both the private and public sectors.

“Although, about 5% of the companies’ employees are specialists, or they simply would not have survived,” – she notes.

According to the head of social services agency Tea Sturua,  nonprofessional staff, a lack of knowledge and the necessary experience create the problem.

“Commersant” also interviewed representatives of several Georgian companies on this issue.

According to the “Georgian Post”, a low level of knowledge of the English and Russian languages, which they need, is  the biggest problem  their company faces.

The company “Georgian Water and Power”  talks about the lack of specialists in technical areas and a small choice.

Head of Training Department at the company  Sophio Butikashvili notes that  the strengthening of vocational education and an emphasis on technical specialties will contribute to solving the problem.

The manager of the insurance company “Ardi” Elena Kuprashvili states that first of all  the problem in the education system should be solved.

At the same time management of  “Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia”  believes that in recent years the problem with staff shortages has been gradually solving.

According to the human resource manager Nino Salukvadze, government policy to encourage the education system  plays an important role.