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PR Specialists Need to Know what’s Going on in the City, in the Country, on Mars and on the Moon

Interview with the mining company RMG Gold / RMG Copper Public Relations Manager Natalie Nozadze.

Why did you decide to enter this field, and what kind of opportunities does this profession give you?

I am a journalist, a media manager by profession. Fifteen years ago, I started with TV journalism. From 2003 to 2009, I worked in several programs and projects on several leading TV channels as a correspondent. My years spent in television still remain some of the best memories for me.

I started to think about transferring to PR after graduating from a masters programme at the Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). That’s where I learned and got acquainted with the field of public relations.  At first I saw many similarities with journalism, but as I went further, I realized that these two are completely different professions.

In terms of career growth, I think PR primarily gives you freedom. Much depends on you: the creativity of your approach, how you plan and develop your PR strategy, what kind of innovations you offer the company you work for.

What is it necessary to hold successful communication with the public?

Apart from education, I think it’s important for a PR specialist to be happy interacting with people. While communicating with a target audience, except for the right messages and content, it’s essential for them to see your sincerity.  The recipient should feel that your communication aims to bring positive results to both sides.

Three tips you would give to someone who wants to work in this field.

If you decide to work in this field, you should always be at the center of events. A PR specialist should answer all questions about what, where, when and why it’s happening. This is not just about the field, you should know what is going on in the city, in the country, in the world, on Mars and on the moon.

From the very first day, it is important to take care of self-development and gain acquaintances.

What do you wish you knew before you started your career in PR?

Almost all knowledge comes with experience and practice. So before starting the career in PR, you should make sure you really want to be doing this.

What is the best way of finding relevant contacts and sources?

Finding relevant contacts and trustworthy sources is the most important aspect of our profession. Creating relevant network of people takes years and hard work. In my opinion, the best place to get new business contacts is in an informal environment—at a party, a store, seminars or conferences, the gym—we should try to hold positive communications with people anywhere.

How do you prioritize and start your work day?

At 9 am I am in the office, starting to plan the day and following week with my colleagues. No matter how much we plan on Sunday, there is still a lot of spontaneous and interesting events during the next seven days. Today I am in Tbilisi, tomorrow in Kazreti where our company-owned enterprises operate. We conduct various cultural, sport and educational activities. We meet local young people. These people always bring positive emotions.

What are the skills a Public Relations Specialist needs?

I think this is a great set of skills for a particular person, in a word we call it professionalism.

A successful PR manager should have multilateral education. Technical skills are also necessary for preparing audio-visual and multimedia projects. One should be able to manage time correctly and establish proper communication with the public. The PR manager should never get rid of an awkward question and always analyze the feedback that comes from the public.

What trait do you value the most in your co-workers?

I highly appreciate people who never forget three magic phrases: hello, thank you and I’m sorry.

Teamwork, loyalty, love of work and a good sense of humour creates a successful work atmosphere.

What is the best PR practice technology can’t change?

The unique vision of solving a particular problem, human relationships and the real emotions that accompany this relationship. These are the elements that technology will never replace.

What are some growing trends in the public relations industry?

New trends in the field of public relations are found daily, but a PR specialist should properly determine what innovations will bring benefits to her company.

I see that corporate social responsibility culture is slowly moving to Georgia, which makes me very happy. The possibilities of social networking are unexhausted, leading a large proportion of PR to new platforms. I think that the progress and development of the profession as well as the whole company is impossible without innovation.