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Nino Nodia

In PR Practical Efforts Bring The Real Results

Caucasus Business Week offers you an interview with Nino Nodia (Zuzu), Pr manager of Voulez Vous, who spoke about her first job, work experience and shared some pieces of advice to younger generation. Nino has been working in perfumery sector for 15 years.

What is your profession?

I have graduated from the faculty of art at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

Your first job place.

I started working at  Channel 2 TV company. I had author programs – Climax, Dushashi. I have worked at the TV channel for 4-5 years.

 Your first success.

Before my career in PR field, I was a producer for my friend Nato Metonidze as part of Art Imedi project. At the same time, we made music  for Gia Kancheli movie and theater as part of  “Everybody Has Something to Remember” project.

I think this project is the most important and successful ones for me and I am very proud of it. And we achieved this success thanks to the people with which we have worked, thanks to our music. I am proud of this project even today.

 The field where you will never work

I wold not work in the field, where I am not competent, for example, in metallurgy, mining and chemical sector. I will not work in any field without deep knowledge and skills. And it is difficult to study something new  in my age.

Why or how have you taken decision to take efforts in PR? Did it happen by accident or did this field attract you from the very beginning?

To be frank, I have been working for Voulez Vous for more than 15 years. I found this job place at JOBS.Ge vacations web portal. This may seem unbelievable, but this is true. My friend Eka Enukidze called me and told me that Voulez Vous was seeking a manager. When I went to the Interview, I found that they needed a brand manager.

They learned that I had experience in show business, I was a famous person and they offered this position to me. This was a certain experiment. We started cooperation and I believe this cooperation is success.

What factors make a person successful in your field?

As a rule, everything in Georgia is special. Therefore, it is necessary to have good circle of friends and close people, because when you do this business, you have to get in touch with many fields. Therefore, based on the Georgian set of mind,  it is necessary to have many friends in any field to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

This is an additional mechanism to make PR successfully in Georgia. Special education is very important and necessary for success. However, I think practical efforts bring real results. I do not have special knowledge in this field, I have not attended special courses. I have achieved all this thanks to my intuition, my friends. Moreover, when I do something, I study the product and its pros and cons, because I must be just before myself definitely.

When I study the product, I supply it to the consumer in the form that I would like to have personally. Therefore, I always consider issues from the position of a consumer.

Is PR field perceived and understood in its classic meaning in Georgia?

There are certain standards in developed countries, written laws, but the Georgian spontaneous character also has its charm. Frequently, spontaneous and unplanned decisions bring better and more natural results.

If not PR field, which field would you work in?

I like fashion very much. Therefore, if not perfumery, I would  be an editor for one of the good international magazines. I like clothes and dressing themes very much, maybe even excessively. I am an art critic by profession and it may be surprising, but my diploma was “Development of Ornament Line in Christian Lacroix Art”.

It was very difficult for me to write this work, because no corresponding literature existed in that period and even the Internet was innovation.

What benefits do you receive from the company where you work? What makes your job place interesting?

The company where I work is my second home, in practice. I feel very comfortably there. It is wonderful that my directors always have been friends rather than superior managers. This factor also creates comfort for me, because my director is a very open-minded young person with family, who knows all details that may arise before a women, mother, wife. Therefore, our relations are based on human principles and we also try to justify expectations.

Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

To be frank, I am content with this segment. Without this field, I would work as an editor for a fashion magazine.