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Nutsa Gedevanishvili

PR is a Non-Ceasing Process and it is Getting More and More Innovative – Nutsa Gedevanishvili

Interview with Public Relations Manager of Insurance State Supervision Service, Nutsa Gedevanishvili.

Why did you decide to enter this field, and what kind of opportunities does it give?

International Relations is my major education. Entering Public Relations was spontaneous by that moment. I studied simultaneously with job to get Media Communication Master degree. This sphere is very interesting for me.

What is it necessary to have successful communication with public?

First of all, planning activity, during which I take into account – existing reality, attitude of society and I try my best to share positive and important news to people.

What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

First- You should love your job and be excited of what you do.

Second- Be aware of all information around the topic.

Third- take into account public mind set and their interests.

What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?

If I was starting now, I would prefer to know Marketing basis.

What’s your typical working day?

Our Service “LEPL Georgian Insurance State Supervision Service” was founded several years ago, we work hard to bring the country closer to European standards. There are so many novelties, that each week is very interesting and  different from one another.

How would you go about finding relevant contacts and sources?

In our technologically advanced era finding information is not diffucult. Personal contacts are helpful too.

How would you prioritize and start your work day?

Looking through news, as in my field, also in the country through news agencies.

What are the required skills to be a successful PR Manager?

Communication skill, being open and able to access any kind of category of people. Meaning Media, as well as customers based on one’s job specifics and meeting their interests.

What trait do you value the most in your co-workers?

Team player, responsibility, aspiration to mutual aim and success of our business.

What is the best PR practice technology can’t change?

Direct communication and relations are irreplaceable by any technology.

What are some of the growing trends in the public relations industry?

There are numerous innovations in last few years – a lot of PR activities are being held through social networks, blogs, online videos and forums. It’s being developed very fast, as 21st century is interesting with its offered news, PR catches up with it.