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Meko abramia

PR is Complex of Human Features – Interpersonal Skills+ Management Talent

Caucasus Business Week had an interview with Meko Abramia, brand manager for Corporation Georgian Wine, where she talked about Public Relations in Georgia, and explained her perception and knowledge on how this field really works in country.

-What are you by profession?

– I have graduated management course at Black Sea International University’s business administration faculty.

– Your first job place.

– Not counting probation periods at various companies, the position of a marketing manager at PSP Pharmacy network was my first job place.

– Current job and position.

– Corporation Georgian Wine, brand manager.

– Your first success.

– My first success is related to my first job place. During my studies at university, I passed probation period at several companies. In that period I was seeking  specific field for myself and I was not determined which direction to choose for my career. I finished my university studies and I decided to leave for somewhere for relaxation and after that to continue active search of job. Fortunately, these plans changed when PSP company representatives called me and my university recommended my candidacy for a specific position. I was called to an interview, then for tests, then for interview again. Finally, I was selected from among several candidates and I started my job that continues even today and that does not enable me to relax. This was my first success, because I determined myself in a specific field and I like and love the business I do. This decision has changed all my life.

– Business, project that you take pride in even today.

– I did not have experience in PR and marketing field, when I started working at PSP marketing office and it was still questionable whether I would justify the credits… I first was assigned to prepare an innovative project. In that period, Smartphone was a novelty, a new trend. I developed a project – mobile application that would be the first software in Georgia with loyal system that would incentivize online sales and consumers would receive desirable products from pharmacies, earn scores, store health history in application, would remind drug reception hours and would have many other innovative functions. I remember when I submitted my first project, they told me that the project was wonderful, but the company did not have due resources…

And then I guessed that the main thing is not to find a job place, but you should take important steps, you should fight for your decisions anywhere. This project was implemented later, when the company acquired due resources. However, I know that this was the first project and nobody had implemented such a project before. Other generations will continue this project and I am very happy that they are successfully developing this project.

– The field, where you would never work.

– The reality suggests to take efforts in the required and necessary fields. I have gained much experience in various fields, but the finance sector is the space, where I cannot imagine myself working.

– What makes a person successful in your field? Besides knowledge, what other special features are required?

– Self-confidence, interpersonal skills and ability to cope with emergency situations.

– Is it possible today in Georgia to learn PR very well or international knowledge and experience is required?

-I think PR cannot be taught. It just combines various human features, to put simply, interpersonal skills+ability of management. Theoretical knowledge is necessary, as it develops certain PR skills in a person,  jointly with experience.

– Is PR field perceived and understood in Georgia in its classical nature?

– Regretfully, today PR is perceived as Facebook sponsorship and media placement. This is considered to be the simplest, quickest and low-budget way to measure efficiency of activity.

 – How easily can you resolve crisis situations and take decisions? Does similar cases affect quality of the working process?

– Crisis situation in the best opportunity to test yourself how efficient you are for the business you do. Naturally, crisis situations influence the quality of working process. Based on my experience I think I can resolve crisis situations. I am happy to have worked with big professional teams at all companies and all my decisions were acceptable and successful.

– Interesting episode that has changed your life.

– There were many similar episodes in my life and I am sure many others will come. Changes are necessary for development. When I take decisions there are always alternatives and perspectives for continuation and I follow them… I think, besides efficacy, you should make your business interesting and you should always take risks.

– Without this procession,, where would you work?

– I would be a chef, because I like making experiments in the kitchen and by the way, I cook delicious meals in free time.

– Strong aspects and features of you, as a businesswoman.

– Pragmatics, interpersonal skills, hardworking, purposefulness.

– What makes your company interesting for you?

– Corporation Georgian Wine has been operating for 16 years and takes efforts for popularizing and sales of Georgian wines abroad. International contracts are interesting and important for me, as well as sharing experience  and information exchange with them. Every country is different and there are different demands on each market with their own peculiarities. I have been acquiring much experience in this company in terms of planning PR activities on international markets and collecting international contacts.

– What creates major comfort in working process?

– I think unhealthy and nonprofessional environment makes major discomfort in working process.

– Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

– It is difficult to answer this question, because I like making spontaneous decisions. I always change something, I always seek something. I am a person of feelings and new impressions. Therefore, I do not set long-term plans in my life.