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Powerful Women in Georgian Business

International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality.

To honor this day we have conducted powerful Georgian women in business sector, who are trying to change society’s perception about women who work. Many women in Georgia give up their careers to lead families.

However in recent years number of “working moms” have seen slight increase, women

Nino Zambakhidze: Chairman of Georgian Farmers’ Association.

Nino Zambak

Nino Zambakhidze’s dairy and distribution company in the Republic of Georgia started, like many great business ideas, from humble origins.  In 2008, a friend bought two cows on a whim in Samskhe Javahketi, a poor, rural underserved region far south of the bustling capital, Tbilisi, where she grew up. She was raised not as a farmer, but as an educator and a business major, as she helped him figure how where to keep these new acquisitions.

Together, they asked a lot of questions, leading them to owning land, buying more cows, buying feed, making feed, and paving the way for other small farmers to grow into a wider dairy cooperative.  Nino, who spent a year living in the U.S. as a teen and had graduated with a degree in business and marketing at the Tbilisi Technical University, had always dreamt of starting her own company, and in fact, had already had some success with a company providing coffee and tea to hotels and restaurants.  But having heard about the great dairy potential of the region, she knew that this new idea was destined to be successful. And thus, the Georgian Business Zone company was born.

Nino Eliava: Creative Director/Co-Founder at Moreislove.com


Ask any Georgian woman whom you should follow from the fashion circuit and chances are that she’ll recommend Eliava. The founder and director of the e-commerce shop More is Love is Tbilisi’s It girl to know. Like her store, which sells both Western and Eastern European creations as well as Georgian designers, you are most likely to see Eliava in a transcontinental mash-up, Vogue writes.

Baia Abuladze Co-founder at ბაიას ღვინო /Baia’s Wine


Baia is the first youngest female Georgian winemaker, who turned family occupation into a business through participating in the governmental program “Produce in Georgia” and started producing her own wine brand. Currently Baia’s Wine is sold at two wine shops in Tbilisi.

Natia Ninikelashvili: Director at LTD Soplidan


Natia is the owner of a business startup that helps you to save time and eat healthy, “Soplidan”. The idea of this business has come just in case. Due to an ordinary housewife and a parent needs. Women having little babies permanently have this problem – what our children eat and what they feed them. Whether the food is new or whom they are made by. Natia, the company representative and her partner both are from Kakheti region and their family members were often sent them products from Kakheti.

Nato Eristavi: Founder of White Studio


“White Studio” is offering Georgians and foreigners high quality modern works of ceramics and contemporary shapes with traditional Georgian elements. The works are created through world-renowned technologies and trends of Georgian porcelain, faience and red clay.

The Studio tries to promote creative potential of modern ceramics as one of the most popular branches of art, to refine artistic level of traditional and modern ceramic works and to improve the quality of Georgian souvenirs. The White Studio finds it very important to trigger interest of younger generation in the ceramic art,which will support the development of this branch in the country and the popularization of Georgian art and culture abroad.

Irma Daushvili: Founder of Dio


Irma Daushvili runs a successful doors and windows treatment company which employees about 100 people.

After almost 20 years in business, Irma is convinced that gender equality at work place makes a team much stronger.

“Men and women are equally present in management and other operation. That’s our strengths. We make all decisions together and complement each other,” Irma Daushvili said to UNDP.

Tekuna Gachechiladze: Chef at Culinarium, the queen of Georgian fusion


A female chef intent on presenting Georgian food in a new light through her fusion cooking.

Gachechiladze studied psychology in Germany, and went on an exchange programme in New York. «I fell in love with New York,» she says. «I gave up everything and stayed there. I decided to change job and become a chef. I finished in the culinary academy of New York and then worked a couple of years in different restaurants before coming back to Georgia.» It was a bold move. Being a psychologist was a reputable occupation in Georgia. Being a chef wasn’t. Chefs were looked down upon by most in Georgian society, not least Gachechiladze’s own father. «When I called him from New York, I said I wanted to continue my studies – as a chef,» she recalls. «He hung up. He wouldn’t speak with me for like two months or send me money. For him it was embarrassing that his doctor daughter in New York wanted to become a chef.»

Nino Nanitashvili: Country Director at Elva


“Men and women have equal capabilities in technology” 

Nino Nanitashvili is 24 years old. She is one of the directors of the NGO Elva’s Georgia office. She has been involved in the empowerment and promotion of women in the field of IT. Nino’s activities significantly contribute to reaching Sustainable Development Goal 5 to achieve gender equality and improve opportunities for all women and girls.

Khatuna Lolashvili: Director of one of the largest importer in the wholesale and retail trade, toy network “Dadu”


“I started my business when I was 16. This is an age when you still play with toys. In my case, playing with toys has become a source of income. We are on the market 25 years already and retail trade is our main activity. A lot of toy network has been created in collaboration with us and it’s been only 18 months since we started wholesale too. Our team represents the store network “Dadu” and we own 4 stores in Tbilisi and there are many people employed in our network, creating cheerful future together. We are the first company which started selling Georgian toys abroad. We are the author of police car toys and singer toys with Georgian titles and voices”.

Tinatin Rukhadze: Co-founder at Growin / გროუინი also Founder and General Director at ACT – Analysis and Consulting Team


Tinatin is the general director of Analysis & Consulting Team (ACT), a leading public opinion research and strategic consulting company based in Georgia. She co-founded and served as the CEO of the company in 2002.

Under her management, ACT became Georgia’s largest research and consulting company and has successfully expanded its services to the rest of the Caucasus region. Today, the company operates in more than 10 countries from its offices in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

In addition to managing her business, Tinatin has been involved in educational work since 2007. She holds lectures in various institutions, including the International School of Business, Free University and the Caucasus School of Business. She is also a professional coach and the co-founder of “Growin,” the first coaching company in Georgia. In 2014, Tinatin decided to become actively engaged in public life and co-founded the business association Women for Tomorrow where she serves as the chairwoman.