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POWERCHINA Has “Concrete Plans” on Anaklia Port Investment

Georgia’s PM Garibashvili ended his working visit to China earlier today. The PM and a Georgian delegation spent about five days in China to attend the World Economic Forum and host other official meetings.

One of the meetings was with representatives of the POWERCHINA investment corporation. The PM’s Administration said the company had “concrete plans” to invest in Georgia, and had showed particular interest in Anaklia Port.

Garibashvili talks about Georgia’s economic potential with Chinese media. Photo by the PM’s press office.

While abroad Garibashvili made time to talk to Chinese media too.

“Georgia is the place of peace, negotiations, consensus, where there are all necessary conditions for trade and economic development,” the PM Garibashvili told China Daily.

He spoke about Georgia’s geopolitical importance and its role in the New Silk Road project with China Central Television (CCTV) too.

Furthermore, Garibashvili summed up his China visit for Georgian media and said: “Without any exaggeration I can say that we have never ever had as close relations as we have now with China.”