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Poti Sea Port Announces New towage Service to Better Serve the Customers

By purchasing new tugboats APM Terminals Poti targets improved customer service

Starting from 2018 the towage services in Poti Sea Port will be performed by Svitzer – a member of Maersk Transport & Logistics division, specialized in towage services, known for its professional, effective and efficient marine operations following international standards.

As a direct result of weather conditions in the Poti, the governing port rules established by the Maritime Transport Agency, and the capability of the PSPC marine equipment, Poti Sea Port has been closed in excess of 90 days per year for the last 3 years.

‘’After last year’s “once in 20+ year storm” hit our area, we conducted a review of our capabilities, our value proposition to customers, and the impact to the Georgian economy. We worked with the Maritime Transport Administration and Ministry of Economy to implement the actions that will improve our value proposition and create greater opportunities for economic activity through Poti Sea Port“- said Klaus Holm Laursen, Managing Director, APM Terminals Poti.

While SIMSON is not the first action we took to improve our port opening time, it is the most recent visible act that shows our commitment to the shipping community, to Poti and to the Georgian people. SIMSON is our first ASD tug (Azimuth Stern Drive), which uses a technology that makes this workboat to be more powerful, and more maneuverable than any other tug in our fleet. Along with her sister ship PORTGUARD which is arriving in Q1 2018 and our own PATRIOT we will directly impact our opportunity to service our customers better through an estimated 70% reduction in closure days as a result of poor weather. These tugs are designed to operate in conditions far beyond today’s meteorological port rules limits, and are capable of operating in sea conditions of up to 4 meters and wind speeds of 27 meters per second.

SIMSON represents one of many actions we have taken to improve the port’s reliability and opportunity to grow business for our customers. Involving Svitzer in port operations is a very important step in our long and challenging journey to upgrade Poti Sea Port up to international standards that will support sustainable development of our community and the entire country.

It is our goal to improve trade through Poti which has a knock-on effect throughout the economy, and the more we are open, the more shipping lines will be able to rely on our services to increase their local and regional opportunities.