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Is It Possible to Receive Money from Real Estate without Selling It?

Apartments, commercial spaces and buildings of various purpose are met everywhere in any city. They are called as a real estate. Nowadays, real estate ownership is of crucial importance.

We can sell it very simply and quickly because of much demand. Buildings under construction are met everywhere and they are waiting for new owners. It is not surprising to say that real estate is a simple mechanism for making money, but how? This is very simple. There are various mechanisms for making money through real esatte, for istance, by sales, rental or mortgaging.

Let’s discuss the sample of an apartnment. If we own two apartments in Tbilisi, or even one, but so big that we can rent it to a student, or several students. Annually growing number of students guarantees that apartments rental will be always in-demand service. This business cannot fail. You own an apartmenty and you make money, no losses.

Naturally, we can say the same concerning commercial spaces. Number of business grows almost on annual basis. Consequently, the demand for commercial spaces also rise. Besides real estate rental and mortgaging, we can use them at finance organizations too. How? Real estate enables us to take a fast mortgage  loan that may hit even 05 million GEL. A great number of finance organizations disorients consumers  to choose which of them provides better services and condtioons.

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