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Pleasant Information for Coffee Lovers – Double B Opens in Georgia

Double B, the world’s one of the best coffee brands, has opened Double B Coffee&Tea on Galaktion Tabidze Street N9, Freedom Square, Tbilisi. Now coffee lovers are able to taste about 25 varieties of coffee in comfortable and cozy environment.  You will definitely like a variety of aromas at Double B Coffee&Tea.

Many delicious and interesting coffee varieties that you will exclusively taste in Double B. Products are made of 100% Arabic granules and specially trained baristas cook it with various aromas.

Double B’s diverse menu is of seasonal character and visitors are able to taste  these varieties due to seasons. Ordinary visitors frequently attend coffee cooking master-classes and they prepare coffee of unforgettable aroma by themselves under recommendations of Double B baristas.

We have decided to open our cafe in Georgia because of special attitude to coffee in Georgia, the founder of Double B noted.

“I know coffee is very popular in Georgia and we decided to offer top-quality coffee to Georgian residents. At the same time, there are good opportunities for business development in Georgia, because Georgia is a very popular tourism direction”, the founder of Double B said.

Double B offers 23 varieties of coffee with various aromas. The company launched operation 5 years ago and currently owns 70 cafes and is very popular worldwide.