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Pizza Business Grows in Georgia

Sales of network pizzerias operating in Georgia are constantly growing, and it is possible that in a few years this business will reach a level similar to those of  Europe and the United States level.

According to director of the pizzerias network “Dominos” Mariam Patsatsia, in 2016 sales rose in comparison with 2015 by 45%, but the growth will continue and in 4-5 years the company’s potential will be  much higher.

“At the end of 2015 we had two restaurants in Tbilisi, now three. The number of customers and sales volumes grew due to the increased demand in  the market,”she says.

As for the competition, in  Mariam Patsatsia’s words,  pizza in “Dominoes” is cheaper than other chain restaurants of Georgia due to the fact that “Dominoes” is  an American company and its products are cheaper than in any Italian network.

According to the manager of the network “Ronnie’s Pizza” Rachel Muzaeva, in 2016 the number of customers has increased markedly in comparison with 2015.

“This year the demand for our pizza has grown significantly compared to last year. In this business the most important thing is the quality, and if it is high enough, business will grow. Our sales are growing mainly due to the fact that our pizza is delicious and quality, “she notes.

Manager of the network of pizzerias “Lokalino” Tea Turashvili says that  in general, this business can be considered successful.

“We have never complained about the lack of customers. If compare this  summer   and summer in 2015, this season  was  more productive mainly due to an increase in the number of tourists,” she explains