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Park Inn by Radisson to be built Tbilisi by 2017

In place of the hotel Tori located on the Tabukashvili street, right next to the Economy Ministry of Georgia, a new Radisson brand hotel Park Inn by Radisson will be built by year 2017.

The news was announced today as the representatives of the two sides, Georgian company Block-Invest and the American Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group signed the construction agreement.

Economy minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikasvhvili and the mayor of Tbilisi David Narmania were present at the signing of the agreement.

Both emphasized the importance of the project for social and tourist development of the country.

Park Inn Radisson Humburg Nord, Germany
Park Inn Radisson Humburg Nord, Germany

“Right now we are gathered at this small room,” – said Mr Narmania regarding the Tori hotel conference room. “It served its function very well throughout years, when the economic and business activities in Georgia were low. However, today the business influx into the country has increased and there is a clear need for more advanced and developed gathering spaces, such as the “Park in by Radisson Tbilisi” will definitely provide.”

Mr Kvirikashvili noted that during the construction of the hotel 600 locals will get employment opportunity and more than 200 permanent jobs will be created when the hotel is completed.

“Tbilisi Radisson Blu Iveria is one of our most successful projects in the region,” – Carlson Rezidor Group representative Darren Blanchard told cbw.ge. “We are looking forward to undertaking new projects in the country. As you know, another Radisson Blu hotel in Mestia is on the way. Georgia is exemplary in its hospitality, which makes it a very welcoming place to conduct our business.”

However, Mr Blanchard added that the lack of direct flights from Western Europe and the awkward timing of the current flights put Georgia in a disadvantageous position, given its incredible tourist potential.

Park Inn by Radisson is a mid-scale hotel chain oriented toward middle social class, with more affordable prices than the Radisson Blu branch offers. Park Inn currently operates more than 140 hotels across Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.