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Pantiani Lake Complex To Open in Summer 2016

“Pantiani Lake, in Dmanisi municipality, with evergreen nature and  altitude of 1 500 meters  is going to host one of the most complete entertaining leisure complexes in Georgia ” reported Rati Kiria , Senior project manager in Kemo Kartli regional development agency, to CBW.

“the Investor , who is a European himself ,created amazing project of developing this lake. He is willing to invest with several million dollars. Its means that Georgia will get new resort complex to attract tourists’domestic and foreign tourists ,and good news is that the prices will be affordable for everyone. the Investor  is planning to build 100 modern-style cottages inside forest and around of lake , as the main building , we have a perfect hotel to host the guests who prefer hotels. “he said.

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According to social responsibility 95% of employees will be local population and only 5 % will be foreigners who will hold special trainings for future employees.  the main goal is to offer the high class service with logical price in most of interesting fields.

“the complex will include all kind of infrastructure with various of interesting programs, which will be available for the next summer of 2016.  three type of restaurants, swimming pools, fitness centers, conference halls, Spa centers are just few examples which will be offered to both local and international visitors.” he added

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You can enjoy sun and relax near both pool and lake,  maybe have a coffee in the restaurant and enjoy your holidays exactly the way you want. all this with help of the KvemoKartli regional development agency (KKRDA)which  was established in 2012. Founder of agency was governor’s administration of KvemoKartli, 6 municipalities and 1 self-governing city Rustavi. the goal is to promote KvemoKartli’s regional economical development by attracting investment, supporting domestic companies and stimulate start-ups.

“The attitude of agency toward the lake was high, and we tried to find right investor for this place. We found more interesting detail that where was private property front of the lake. We found owner and try to buy enough area which was demanded by our investor. ” said Rati .

consulting  with the local residents  help to write business plans or to find right place for their future business , they Also play another important role by support intellectual investments.

the First  and main concept for every business man is to understand taxes, legal framework and revenue service procedure. helping them in every stage of investment process , and good to be mentioned it’s all free.

Second point which they also can hand you in with is the exportation to other countries and trading part , such as  preparing presentations and business plans or gaining governmental grants if they need it.

Third how do we work municipalities is that we have implementation of joint projects with them. We are making regional marketing to develop KvemoKartli region.

KvemoKartli regional Development agency is also focusing on tourism industry, planning contracts with European and local tourism agencies and  other recourses to promote Georgia , specially the region as the main destination for European tourism in early future

“I would like to offer future partners or investors to consider our organization which can help them to have any kind resources to start any type of legal business in Georgia. We have big natural and industrial resources which we can to offer for success business. ”