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Packaged Tatara Has Been Exported to Iran and the US

Packaged Tatara produced in Georgia has been exported to the US and Iran.  The company reached the goal with the help of the partners.  The production will be sold in the big markets and will reach all the major market places until New Year. The representative of the company, Davit Ramazashvili talks about the topic.

Tell us about the “Grapes” company and how did you reach Iranian and US markets?

We started export to Iran with the help of Iranian partner. He offered us to try to sell our product in Iran. We are expecting the results now. Our products in California have been sold successfully.  We are expecting to sell more production until New Year.

As we know, you tried to collaborate with “Produce in Georgia” to start the business, how did it go?

We contacted them but it turned out that they did not consider our idea to be startup.  We cannot get finances from banks before the profit is calculated. Therefore we are waiting for the results to apply for it again.

Where do you sell your production on a local level?

We sell our products in Goodwill and Smart Supermarket Network. We also start selling it to Universam. We want to be on every big market until New Year.

About a month ago, you mentioned that you are waiting for an approval from Russian market to sell your production; did you get a final answer from them?

They liked our samples but it takes a long bureaucratic process to sell the production to Russian market on a large scale.  Russia is a big market and we will keep trying to pass all the bureaucratic barriers to sell our products on a Russian market.

What is your biggest challenge in terms of doing a business, what is a barrier for you?

First of all, the finances for starters are more or less available, but there are still some corrections that has to be made in this sense. Logistical problems are also another problem, because export of production is very expensive.