Interview with WorldFood Ukraine Head Yelena Sinitsina

WorldFood Ukraine has become a main space for introducing products and technologies of international and Ukrainian manufacturers. The main goal of the exhibition is to conclude contracts between suppliers and retailers of food products, distributors and restaurants business sector.

-How would you appraise current situation in the exhibition business?

-Despite the current situation in the country, the exhibition business continues working. In spring we held all planned exhibitions. In autumn we had an excellent start with exhibitions of makeup and perfume company InterCharm-Ukraine and tourism saloon Ukraine. Representatives of Ukrainian and international business meet each other, introduce their products, conduct fruitful negotiations and find partners.

The autumn exhibition season will be closed with WorldFood Ukraine, a leading exhibition of products and drinks. The preliminary list of the participants shows that Ukraine’s food products market draws serious investments. New companies appear on the market. The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food Products appraises the volume of foreign direct investments in the food products, beverages and tobacco products manufacturing sector by 2.955 billion USD YTD.

-Today, major part of the companies has shrunk marketing expenditures, including expenditures on participation in exhibitions. How do you manage to draw exponents?

-In this crisis period participant companies find exhibitions a mighty event investment in the business development that gives the company. Exponents achieve a complex of goals through exhibitions: they prove attendance and development of the company, introduce innovations and top positions of assortments, explore consumer demands on products, supervise over competitors. At the exhibition visitors make sure leading companies continue operation, conclude agreements despite the exchange rate fluctuations and so on. Evident and alive sectoral event assist all exponents in dismissing the fear of crisis. Live relation on open neutral and positive space like an exhibition enables participants and visitors to share experience of working in complicated conditions.

-Do companies often avoid participating in exhibitions referring no one knows them on the market?

-Yes, They do. There are many similar companies. They should realize that without working with clients at exhibitions, their competitors will draw their clients. We are ready to offer the opportunity to the Ukrainian companies that confidently feel on the domestic market and search new market and explore the demand for their products and services on the European and Eastern markets.

The company portfolio (ITE Group Plc that includes Premier Expo) includes exhibitions on the topic – Food Products and Beverages under the brand of WorldFood. These exhibitions are held in such countries as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkey.

The company office in Ukraine provides required information on the projects: statistics and participation terms to them who want participate or visit exhibitions in these countries.

-What steps do you take to increase efficiency of participating and visiting exhibitions?

-To increase efficiency of participation, several years ago we introduced a format of business meetings as part of Retail-Distributor Center – a special business space, where representatives of network products retailers, distributors meet with exhibition exponents. This year we launched Bayersk program for drawing representatives of non-network product retailers and distributors. Before exhibitions, we are ready to provide information to exponents on registered buyers of food products and drinks.

We draw the attention of all exponents to the pre-exhibition stage, when they are able to invite partners, potential clients to their own stands. Personalized invitations from participant companies to their own stands draw much more attention to the company brand and united efforts of the organizer and exponent companies attract much more visitors.

_Many specialists are leaving eastern parts of Ukraine because of hostilities. What do you offer to this category?

-At the autumn exhibitions visitors and exponents could use Labor Exchange, a special service to expand the potential and perspectives for career advancements and employment. Labor Exchange will be organized at the WorldFood Ukraine exhibition too. One stand will collect vacant positions from food product companies, retailers, restaurants, as well as resumes of market professionals.

I would recommend to everyone, that it is inadmissible to maintain business in the Standby regime for a long period. We should continue to live, work and make plans. The market is changed and only strong players remain there. If someone shows weakness, they should know their clients will be drawn by their competitors. As a result of the crisis, one part of the market payers will disappear, while the remaining companies will become stronger. To defeat the crisis, the country needs power and money in the economy. Therefore, everyone should do its own business, pay taxes and move the economy. Many companies are minimizing activity on the market, while bolder companies have got excellent opportunity to expand their presence on the market  and attract clients of their competitors.

Today our common goal is to maintain business sector and pay taxes. The business must work so as the country be able to finance the social sector, restore houses and motorways in the East. Sunset always brings Sunrise. This is the rule and law of life and business. Any crisis brings new opportunities.