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Operator of Anaklia Deep-Water Sea Port Revealed

Operator of Anaklia Deep-Water Sea Port Revealed

Operator of Anaklia Deep-Water Sea Port is revealed.

“Selection of the operator of Port Container Terminal is at the final stage. The leader company is revealed and negotiations are held on details”, – the Consortium informed GBC, but they did not named the company at this stage.

It was previously known that the American SSA Marine, the Swiss, Singapore and Middle Asian companies were expressing interest in port operations.

The representatives of the SSA Marine jointly with the Vice President, were visiting Georgia for a certain period of time, on which Kurt Conti, partner of TBC told TV-company Maestro, program “Business Contact” that a group of professionals had spent a lot of time in our country and expressed hope that they would finally agree “in the commercial part”.

As known, the “Conti Group” and “TBC” are represented with an equal 40-40% share in Anaklia project, while the remained 20% is distributed among Van Oord and several investors.

According to the Consortium, they are actively working on the development strategy of free industrial zone along the port at this stage. An experienced company should be selected as an operator of FIZ, however local teams will be involved in management as well.

The “Anaklia Development Consortium” must provide a renewed plan to the government within 2 weeks. The 50-year plan has been revised based on suggestions of the government and foreign consultants.

Launch of construction of the port is planned in the second half of 2017, which envisages development of 339 hectares from 110 hectares of land, including construction of all major infrastructure units, 2 container harbors, and jars of 675 meters.

Merely a container load (liquid / dry bulk) is included in the I Phase. It is announced that after the completion of the port, the throughput of the Port will be 8 million t and 100 million t after 9 phases.

The memorandum is signed with a Chinese state company which is ready to invest $ 40-50 million, however a state company requires more time for details to be agreed comparing to the private investor.

At this stage, the parties are going through additional issues.

At the same time, preparation for construction of the road to the port and resettlement of the persons, living in area of the port construction is underway.