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Online Gambling to be Banned in Georgia

The relevant bill has already been developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and will be considered by Parliament in the spring.

According to the newspaper Prime Time, an initiative of the Ministry is likely to be supported by a parliamentary majority.
“According to various estimates, 70% of underage play online casino


,” – said Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Levan Izoria.

“Besides, this figure was based on the family interviews, in my opinion, the real figure is even higher. We have prepared a serious bill, which provides for strict regulations not only for juvenile, but also for everyone else. We work closely with all departments that have anything to do with this issue. Many people ask how this measure will affect the economy of the country, but that is not the issue that should be approached only from the economic point of view. Regulations should be introduced in this area as well,”- says  the Deputy Minister.

According to the NGO Transparency International, a significant revenue growth of gambling began in 2011, when turnover increased 3.2 times, profits – 54 times. The trend continued in 2012-2013. For example, in 2013 the gambling turnover  was about GEL 1.2 billion.

A total of GEL 105 million entered  the country’s budget through licenses and permits – that is 1,4% of total revenues.
As of October 1, 2014 the total number of gambling establishments in Georgia is 94 units, 32 of them are  large objects.

According to President  of the Gambling Business Association Levan Akhvlediani, the ban could lead to the closure of sports channels, as most of their sponsors and advertisers are  just the representatives of the gambling industry.

Moreover, the ban will lead to an overall reduction in the economy, and it is possible that gambling will go into hiding.