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Oleg Zhukov: ‘’Oracle sees big potential in Georgia, which will definitely develop’’

Business conference Oracle Day in Georgia took place in Tbilisi on February, 21. The main goal of the event was to introduce Oracle’s state-of-the-art digital technologies and expertise to Georgian IT leaders. In particular, how to optimize business processes using Oracle’s innovative cloud technologies.

Oleg Zhukov, Oracle Cluster Leader for Russia, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Caucasus, opened the business conference. Company representatives and invited experts presented new technologies and innovative IT solutions to Georgian specialists. Besides, they discussed cloud technology and shared ready recipes that will help to adapt to the digital era of business, reduce costs and update IT infrastructure.

Oleg Zhukov discussed with us specifically what “Oracle Day in Georgia” was about and what is country’s potential in technologies:

-Agenda of Oracle Day in Georgia included such important topics as cloud technologies, cyber security and Oracle Information security solutions, Oracle Analytics Cloud: a single platform for Business Intelligence and Data Discovery, smart chatbots, Modern Data Warehouses on Oracle Engineered Systems, new features of Oracle’s database 18c and the new DBMS focus – Autonomous Database, and more.

How valuable are your products for state structures?
State structures in Georgia are actively developing and are interested in our products. The main direction that we offer to the Georgian market is cloud technologies. Interest is mainly directed at optimizing costs for all initiatives, of course, if companies start to collaborate with Oracle as a cloud provider. We also assist in the development of software and Engineered Systems. And Cloud is the main priority.
What challenges does Cloud respond and how does it help businesses to combat cyber-attacks?

Cloud is a market where all kinds of data are secured, it’s important nowadays. For big amount of information, we can use additional analytical software to analyze all kinds of data related to the specific topic and suggest future decisions. The Cloud is able to predetermine certain types of hazards and to avoid it. Another direction we have and which is “future” is the creation of large software products that eliminate human errors by using new generation algorithms, artificial intelligence, and all these tools are already built in in our database. It can see the current errors and exclude them in the future. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing. Speaking about Georgia, I would like to note that the country is very modern and is not afraid to adopt new technologies because they care about making things safer.

What are the latest trends in business information technology? Meaning, Oracle intellectual chat-bots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud services, predictive analytics and so on.

What only recently was an intriguing trend, is now a reality and a new imperative in business management. What is the Oracle Intellectual Chat-Bot? It can speak, as text as well as by sound. It analyzes and interacts with you in a familiar language.

And how do you assess the market in Georgia?
We have wonderful partners and customers in Georgia. They are eager to use new technologies and they are trying to learn more about them, because they are concerned about costs, optimization of business processes and the reduction of bureaucracy. Oracle finds quite a significant potential in Georgia, which, for sure, will be developing.