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Oil Companies to Sue the Competition Agency’s Conclusion

Georgian oil companies are going to make a lawsuit against the Competition Agency’s decision until August 15.

According to the CEO of Wissol,  the management is currently working on a claim to be filed in court. “We have a lot of materials, lawyers should get acquainted with them and prepare a lawsuit,” he says. Lukoil company is also preparing the  lawsuit. According to the company’s  Director General Shavleg Mishveladze, the lawsuit  will be  filed within the period specified by law. In the words of  Irakli Zubitashvili,  head of the  Corporate  Business  Communication Department at SOCAR, the company will  file  a lawsuit  before 15 August.

“We  intend  to prove our  case in court. Let’s see how it all ends. All the companies are preparing lawsuits individually, although it can be assumed that these cases will be combined in the court,” he notes. The Union  of Oil Products Importers  hopes  the judicial bodies will be objective. “I hope that the trial will be objective and fair, based on this, we expect that companies will be able to prove their case,” Vano Mtvralashvili,  Chairman of  the Union, says  .

Recall that the Competition Agency has revealed the presence of cartel agreements on the Georgian fuel market and fined five largest oil companies 55 million GEL. We are talking about Wissol (a fine in the amount of  GEL 10 426 393), LUKOIL ( GEL 4 740 260), SOCAR (GEL 14 381 385), Rompetrol (GEL 10 885 806) and Gulf (GEL 11 267 384) and three economic agents  which have close relations with the abovementioned  companies.

Oil companies  themselves categorically deny the existence of any cartel deals and intend to appeal the Agency’s decision in court.