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Number of Tourists in Martvili has Tripled

Compared to the 2013 summer season, the number of tourists visiting Martvili (Samegrelo province of Western Georgia) has tripled this year. 

According to the locals, last year and the year before, Jews, Poles and Americans were especially active, and this year the number of visitors has increased dramatically.

One-day tours in Martvili are offered to customerson “Martvili Tours” page on “Facebook”. The tour cost is GEL 65 and includes a road, two meals and aguide and photographer services. There are also  relatively low-cost tours, which do not include the cost of food or use of boats. According to one of the initiators of the tours, within the framework of a one-day tour, tourists will be able to see the canyons by boat, visit the Dadian Palace Museum and several churches, to see the old wine cellars and taste wine made in the ancient fashion way.

Tsikarishvili notes that  the tours started in May and will continue until the end of September. Overnight  stay in  a guesthouse and   hotel  costs  GEL 10 -50.