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Number of Hotels in Georgia -Statistics

According to declared indicators, a total of 1496 economic entities provided hotel services in 2017, which owned 1595 hotels and hotel-style facilities.

According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, a total of 66 900 hotel beds were registered in Georgia in 30 700 suites, including luxury apartments (9.9%), one-bed suite – 13.1%, two-bed suites – 57.2%, three and more bed suites – 19.8%.

At the same time, an LLC is the most widespread legal form – 58.7% among hotels and hotel-style facilities, individual entrepreneur – 38.7%, joint stock company – 1.3% and other organizational-legal forms – 1.3%.

99.1% of hotels and hotel-style facilities are privately-owned, while 0.9% are state-owned.

Total space of hotels and hotel-style facilities in Georgia made up 1790.3 thousand square meters in 2017, including the leased space made up 30.2 thousand square meter.