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Number of Guests in “Rooms Kazbegi” Increased by 40%

Consumer activity in “Rooms Kazbegi” hotel hasincreased by 30-40% in the last two months.

According to the hotel management company, theydon’t complain about the  lack of visitors during the winter, but in summer tourists are able to relax in the middle of the week.

They say that the hotel rooms are fully booked in August. “Adjara Group” expects customer activity in September as well.

A double room with a view of the Gergeti Trinity and Stepantsminda costs  $ 150. The price does not include meals.

In a conversation with “Commersant” “Adjara Group” claims that the hotel is  meant for  any segment and both government officials and leading businessmen, as well as  ordinary citizens enjoy their services.

The hotel is mainly visited by citizens of Azerbaijan and Russia.

The hotel consists of  130 rooms and can accommodate  350 guests. Up to 120 people, mostly locals,are employed in “Rooms Kazbegi”.