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Noxtton –A New Georgian Company on World Market

There is a new Georgian company on the world market. Noxtton is the first Georgian Tech company, which aims to occupy international market.

Noxtton was established by young professionals in August, 2016.  The company offers technological services and products to its customers which includes: Mobile-web applications development, digital marketing, IT consulting, CRM and E Commerce platform development.

The main field of interest for the company is business corporations, non-governmental sector and startups. Even though the company has been operation only 4 months now, Noxtton service and digital products are already used in Georgia, Great Britain, Germany, France and Russia.

Noxtton HQ is located in Georgia, where main products and service are developed and tested. However, to develop the service, to promote faster development and get to know the local markets, Noxtton group is also working in different European Countries.

Considering fast growing and high demanding trend, Noxtton management already discusses to enter different countries markets. At the same time, it is planned to become more active on Georgian market and introduce the newest technologies, which Noxtton uses. It aims to mark Georgia on Tech industry map and the whole group is working to reach the goal.