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Now only Armenians can Trade Lavash as a National Brand

Armenia hurt neighboring countries thatarrogated lavash to itself  (Georgian lavash is more or less like Central Asian flatbread – relatively flat leavened bread; Armenian lavash, on the other hand, is like a giant tortilla). This traditional flapjack for many peoples of the Caucasus, Asia and the Middle East was officially included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of Armenia. Application of this Republic was  approved by the  UNESCO experts. While Azerbaijan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Turkey also claim to be the motherlandof lavash. Now, however, only the Armenians willbe able to trade lavash as a national brand.

“To attribute authorship of this dish to Armenians is unfair believe in other countries, where lavash has  also been known since antiquity. And for the neighbors in the region, this dispute is of great importance. It’s not the line in  the list of UNESCO, but  in large commercial prospects of this  cake as a brand”,-  explains the Director of the research center “The Middle East- the Caucasus” Stanislav Tarasov says in an interview with the Russian Kommersant.

Fearing that the modern technology and fast food will destroy historic gastronomic values, many countries are in a hurry to identify them under the protection of UNESCO. So Koreans, for example,added kims jan to the list of intangible values – it is the culture of cooking spicy snack from  thecabbage kimchi. And the French and Japanese have listed their  kitchen entirely. Belgium has decided to go the other way. It made a request for one of the most popular dishes in the world – the french fries. Belgians believe that the dish was invented by their ancestors. Application of Belgium will be considered in committee of UNESCO next year.

Recall that last year the status of National Monument of Intangible Cultural Heritage has been assigned to “The ancient Georgian tradition of Qvevri winemaking” .