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Not All Goals May Be Achievable, but Overcoming These Difficulties Makes you Stronger

Interview with Avtandil Dvalishvili, head of Energo-Pro Georgia PR Office

 -Which media outlets do you follow?

-I follow almost all Georgian channels that broadcast news programs. I also read all information on websites of news agencies every day, as well as interesting articles of leading newspapers. I always try to have all important news related to energy sector, economy and general developments in the country.

-Talk about the difference between PR and advertising.

-Advertising campaign directly offers products and services to consumers and covers short-term period, while PR follows long-term purposes. Consumers show less confidence to advertisements. PR cares for reputation and so on. There are many differences between these two directions.

-What media placements are you most proud of? 

-Based on the company peculiarities, I have to communicate with various channels, news agencies and newspapers. I have friends almost everywhere. Earlier I used to work as a journalist too. Therefore, I have a wide circle of acquaintances in this field. Therefore, I have no problems with covering this or that issue. I always try to deliver information to media agencies in a right and correct way.

-How would you present the results of your work?

-I always try to attain the highest possible result.

-What would you do if a client or manager disagreed with your PR strategy?

-In  this case I try to find a consensus. I believe consensus is attainable in most cases, but, not at the expense of concession of key ideas and strategy.

-How would you define thought leadership?

-Reputable person or organization.

-How have you worked with a team to handle a PR crisis?

-I first analyze how and in which form to deliver information to media agencies. I always try to provide true and real information to journalists. It is easier to manage crisis situations, when journalists trust you…

-Describe the period when you acted as a mentor or trainer for colleagues. What personal features are required in this case?

-There was a period, when I used to read lectures on PR to graduating students. Then I selected the best ones and employed them at our company. A part of them continues working for the company even today.

-What’s interesting about our current PR work? What would you improve?

-Communicating with a lot of people is very interesting for me, as well as a reception of new experience in everyday life. It is very interesting to feel that the company reputation depends on you. Based on the field of the company operation, not all goals may be achievable, but overcoming these difficulties is very interesting.