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Norwegian Group Starts Salmon Farming in Adjara Region

A Norwegian consortium is investing in Georgia’s Adjara region to start farming Norwegian salmon in Kobuleti.

Steinar Gravis, representative of the company and Otar Danelia, Minister of Agriculture has signed a co-operation memorandum, which envisages establishment of fisheries with modern technologies in Kobuleti.

According to Steinar Gravis, they have selected Georgia due to the geographical location and investment environment in the country.

“Georgia’s geographical location and water resources – rivers, lakes and sea are very favorable for the development of aquaculture. As a result, Georgia is an unique place for fish industry. Georgia is a hub of Silk Road, which is an additional priority in direction of export”, – Gravis notes.

Otar Danelia declares, that development of aquaculture in Georgia is priority for the ministry in 2016.

“Development of aquaculture in Georgia is our priority. We have made the first successful step in terms of cooperation with Norwegian company. We have signed a memorandum. It should be a 3-phase pilot program. Such projects will support improvement of this branch and export. The same type of projects are implemented merely in several countries. We will be the leaders in the region”, – Otar Danelia declares.