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Ninia Apkhazava: This field never Lets you Stop Developing Yourself’’

Interview with Public Relations Manager of the Axis Company – Ninia Apkhazava. 

If PR specialist can’t persuade a client then she won’t be able to bring the product to public. 

– Which media outlets do you follow?

– I like the profession that I chose and I think it’s very important to stay updated daily. Every morning starts with looking through news, trying to be aware of current events and planned activities.

– How would you explain a difference between PR and Advertising?

– There are numerous explanations; however, each Public Relations Manager has their own way to define. To my opinion, Public Relations is a constant and purposeful bilateral communication between the organization and its target audience, aiming to satisfy the interests of both parties.

There is a common sense that Advertising and PR is the same, which is wrong. Even though these two fields are closely related to each other, there are quite number of differences:

  • Most importantly, Advertising is one-sided process and as I already mentioned PR has the bilateral communication process.
  • Advertising supports one specific product, while PR creates a uniform look for the internal and external audience.
  • Advertising aims at increasing sales. PR creates an image to support sales.
  • Advertisement emphasizes customer requirements and sells ‘’touchable’’ product, as for PR, it appeals values.

– How do you integrate Social Media with PR?

– Social Media made simplified communication process with target audience. Social Media is an additional instrument that makes PR stronger. We might say that this the most important part of campaigns.

– How would you present the results of your work?

– You will get the desired result if you love your profession, the job you are doing is a great pleasure and you’re oriented to implement any project perfectly. Even though you might have too busy regime sometimes, you start over with fresh enthusiasm towards new goal.

– How would you react if a client or manager disagreed with your PR strategy?

– Even though, I never had any radical experience with a client, I still think I will try to convince him that strategy is right for the company, as in most cases a client can’t see the circumstances from outside. If PR specialist can’t persuade a client then she won’t be able to bring the product to public.

– Describe a time you had to manage negative media attention.

– I don’t have any experience in that direction, there has been some misunderstandings, which was solved easily. Still I would not say it was a negative media attack.

– Describe a time your PR communications were misunderstood by your target audience. How did you handle it?

– Fortunately, there was no misunderstandings with the target audience during my career path.

– How do you work with a team to handle PR crisis?

– Acceleration of life pace and technological development increased likelihood of a crisis. Any organization may be facing the crisis at any time. This field is getting more difficult in the epoch of information and simultaneously driving crisis takes decisive importance. Effective management of crisis communications is a process that involves predicting crises, assessing and reducing the crisis. Also, minimizing the consequences of the crisis and restoring reputation. It’s important to react quickly and provide uninterrupted information on time to all interested parties.

– Who are the current members of your team? What are their respective roles?

– All the success in this field is a result of teamwork. Nowadays, I’m working in a team where the members are hardworking and the priority is loyalty to profession. Every project we’re working on, is very delightful for us, but at the same time very responsible. I can say it boldly that I’m very lucky to be a part of the team where everyone tries to develop themselves.

– What’s interesting about our current PR work? What would you improve?

– I honestly don’t know which another profession would be more interesting for me. It never lets you stop; you are constantly searching for something new, developing yourself and learning every day; It gives you opportunity to hold a dialogue with a customer and to be the circle which will help a company and a customer communicate with one another ethically. Nowadays, this area is developing, and the competition becomes even healthier. They all agree about the importance of this field step by step, so that the demand of highly qualified specialists increases. I wish the number of professionals to grow in order to break the stereotypes I mentioned above.