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Nina Talakvadze: A Marketing Manager Should be Ready for Continuous Learning in this Transformative Era

Interview with Nina Talakvadze, Marketing Manager of Arttime.

Tell us about how you got into the field of marketing, and what factors played an important role in choosing this profession?

It was a coincidence, as I am a biophysicist, and worked at in the academic department of the University of Biophysics. I had to move to Moscow, where  I started a family. Once I was back, I had to find a new job, and at this time a company, ’Arttime’ was searching for a marketing manager. I had an interview, and got the job. The company was newly established, and we went through the whole path of development together, which was a huge experience. That’s how I found myself in the field of marketing.

In regards to technological changes, what challenges are you facing as a marketer?

Marketing today is in a constant change of what constitutes ‘the usual.’ Yesterday’s practical approaches no longer works today. Therefore,  immediate action is needed. You should monitor trends, and try to implement them in your work to create opportunities. Such action is sometimes risky, but marketing is experimental in its own way.

What has changed in the last 5 years in the field, and what changes are expected now?

The internet is so actively invading our lives that changes not only in our daily life but also in business. Since it is profitable for financial and other uses, it has led to fundamental changes in business models. Despite the fact that internet development has given many new forms and communications channels to marketers, and it has also made it more open and transparent to the world around us, which makes it easier than ever to lose user trust.

I think the possibilities with a global network and smartphones are not fully utilized, but it is obvious that you can not use only one technology. In order to succeed, it is essential to review the entire arsenal of decisions that the modern world offers and optimize their business needs.

What important features should a marketing manager hold their focus on, and what are their roles in an organization?

In this transformative era, a marketing manager should be ready for continuous learning, and should understand that knowing everything is impossible. We must constantly test new decisions. Also, be prepared for possible failures. The best way to develop these qualities is to remember that everything is done for the user.

What steps did you take as an organization to catch up with new trends, and use innovative approaches in the field of marketing?

“Arttime” is the first company that has managed to introduce world-famous Swiss watches to the Georgian market. It is to their merit that they start new trends in the world of the watches. This happens at the International Exhibition of Basel Watches in Switzerland. Annually, experts and professionals gather to present the news, and present coming trends to the public.

Many of them are actively engaged in implementing innovations in the field of marketing. With the help of partner companies and advice, we try to use new approaches in the local market in the case of ’Arttime’.

What’s your organisation’s business model in terms of marketing?

As regards to the concept of ‘Arttime’, we share the exact same opinion.   When we mention a good watch, we mean a Swiss one. Today, 20 brands are presented in Arttime. It’s interesting and has a variety of choices and prices. We represent Swiss watches, and their prices starts from 150 GEL and ends with premium brands.

Today, the company is represented by 8 stores, 7 in Tbilisi and 1 in Batumi. We launched an internet store by the end of last year. We offer customers a wide range of options, and an efficient service center. We actively use social platforms for communication.

One word that describes your work.


The most useful advice you’ve ever received in life?

Henry Ford said: Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.

Who inspires you the most?

Nicolas Hayek, founder of Swatch.

By Lazare Gvimradze
Reporter. Covers various ongoing projects in Georgia, as well as global technology news.
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