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Website Helps Tourists find, Book Local Guides in Georgia

A new online platform is being created in Georgia allowing tourists to find and book a guide to lead them to the country’s most beautiful destinations.

The Tourism Development Initiative Society started developing a webpage about two months ago that provides a guide booking service to tourists coming to Georgia.

CBW had an interview with the organization’s director Giorgi Kvezereli.

When and how did you decide to establish your organization?

JSC Tourism Development Initiative Community was founded on October 23, 2014. The main objective of the organization is to improve the current situation in the tourism sector. Therefore, we decided to implement such projects that would promote the tourism field. Each person involved will provide informational support to tourists and simplify their tour planning.

Tourism business giant TripAdvisor serves millions of tourists every day. How do you plan to inspire tourists for visiting Georgia through your website?

TripAdvisor is a big league project in the world, while Travel in Georgia makes focus only on Georgian direction. The website represents the first tourism-information catalogue, the system that enables users to receive information on current innovations and new products in the country. At the same time, they are able to make online booking of all services that are represented on the Georgian tourism market currently.

Naturally, it is difficult to compete with the mentioned portal. However, our software and system is identical to those of Trip and other successful Internet giants and we also hope to attain success,

How would you appraise the existing business environment in the tourism field. What problems have the sector companies to overcome?

Absence of the law on tourism creates major problems and no one talks about this. Low-quality services, high prices, unqualified specialists, problems with guides, service staff, drivers, toilets, disordered infrastructure and, in general, Georgia’s positioning and perception is growing at slow paces because of various reasons.

What was reaction in Georgia and abroad regarding the foundation of your organization?

I can openly prove that everyone who is interetsed in the Georgian tourism sector fate approves the visions and approaches of our organization, its development tendencies and problem-solving ways, as well as other important issues.

As to international reaction, Travel in Brasil, the analogical project to Travel in Georgia, has been already founded and the mentioned website will start serving Brazil visitors in the near future. Our organization plans to fully cover Europe, South America and a part of Asia by 2020, thanks to our tourism system.

We have learned that your organization plans to hold various events and campaigns. Would you unveil details about them?

This is true. First of all, we want to appreciate the people that have performed huge job and spent much time on the tourism sector formation and its development. We also plan to complete drafting the law on tourism. We started law-developing process in 2015, but certain reasons made us cease the process. Anyway, a major part of the work has been done and currently, we need  consultations with the government and the private sector. We want to host tourists in compliance with international standards, provide high-level services and protect the rights of theirs, guides, HoReCa, travel companies and so on.

What are your expectations in the coming tourism season and how profitable will be this summer for Georgia?

 Because of the current developments in the world, it is realistic that the number of tourists increase in Georgia this year. Consequently, revenues from the tourism sector will bring positive results to the Georgian economy.

I would like that all our citizens care for the tourism development in Georgia. We should care for everything that we have preserved for tens of centuries, which have made our country, population an important and unique nation and location on the global map.