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Ia Orjonikidze; Photo/ Mari Smirnovi

New Studio Space For Discovering New Talents

A new studio space, Spotlight unveiled in Tbilisi couple of days ago, aiming to discover new talents in Art, Singing, dancing, Photography and acting technique. Founder of the studio is a young singer Ia Orjonikidze, who spoke with CBW about her new studio in more details.

C: Tell us about you, what you do, when did you start and etc.;

Spotlight studio is the place for young talents. This studio unites almost all field in which adolescents are interested: dance, song, the art of acting, photo art, musical instruments…The studio was officially unveiled on November 17. At this stage, we started receiving students. Very good reaction emerged at social networks and many students have expressed intention to participate in our projects. Therefore, we will start academic year soon.

C: How did you come up with the idea of creating this space?

I got familiar to show business in my childhood. I ascend the stage for the first time at 4 years old. Therefore, I had to frequently visit various locations to learn songs, dances, musical instruments. I had to find a separate repetition space for live performance so as I could work professionally with myself and all these efforts, naturally, were related to certain difficulties, time and expenditures.

Therefore, I always wanted to have similar studio near my house. Another reason was that nothing similar was made for young people in the district where this studio is located (Isani-Samgori District), while a number of talented young people live here and I have listened to many of them, saw them and I believe that they deserve to have environment, where they would go and learn favorite directions.

C: How many people are employed at your studio?

At this stage, our team unites 7 persons. As noted, there is quite wide option of subjects. Pupils are able to choose one or several subjects for studies. To be more precise, adolescents are able to learn dance (hip-hop, plastic art, scenic movement), songs, the art of acting (culture of speech, dramatic art), musical instruments (optional), photo art….


C: As I know you have quite a long experience in working at major studios such as GDS, how would you share and use this experience with your students?

Actually, I have taken part in many projects, but GDS label and 1 year spent there was genuinely fantastic and most special period in my life. After casting, 18 adolescents were selected. We have worked with choreographs and vocalists invited from Hollywood. Each lesson and each hour was a great fest. Additionally, we were studying theory and history of music and playing musical instruments.

I will take all efforts to share collected experience to my studio teachers and then to jointly transmit all this knowledge to pupils.

C: What kind of events and activities you plan in the future and what are opportunities you offer to your students?

Our educational formula aims to create a refined, modern, free, creative and self-confident young person. We plan many interesting events: exhibitions, final concerts, flashmobs, summer camps and so on.

Meetings and master classes with famous and successful persons. Succeeded members of studio will participate in competitions and festivals, in not only Georgia, but also abroad. We have been already cooperating with various culture centers in Spain, Cyprus, Ukraine, Italy, Armenia and so on…

Ia orjonikidze
Ia Orjonikidze/ Singer Nutsa Buzaladze/ Singer Anano Ghibradze/ Singer Meri Mamulashvili

One of the main objectives is to create due environment and place for adolescents that will become most favorite and interesting compared to all social networks. We will try to regain young people from virtual space to real world.