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New Service to Launch for Foreign Citizens to Register Business

New Service has launched for foreign citizens in order to register their business.

National Agency of Public Registry of Ministry of Justice of Georgia offers volunteer foreign citizens new services for business registration throughout Georgia.

On the Public Registry website www.napr.gov.ge, there is added Georgian-English Charter to the documents concerning about business registration processes. This will encourage foreign businessmen to fill the gaps in the Charter easily and present the documents in the Public Registry for the registration.

As it is announced in the Public Registry, foreign citizens frequently have business registration issues, however, due to the occasion that documents were only accessible in Georgian language, they had to translate Charter in English afterwards. However, this provided additional time and money also.

After the service is implemented, the foreign citizens will not be forced to pay any such type of additional money anymore. In addition, before this new possibility existence, the case of translated documents from Georgian to English led to process delay whether there were any mistakes found.

This new service will minimize defects arisen in the translated documents and the registration procedure will become simpler, faster and comfortable.

At this stage the Georgian-English Charter on registering a business is available only for Limited Liability Companies as it was the most popular form of registering a business. In the near future other legal forms will be also placed in both languages on the website of Public Registry.