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New Service of Smart Photos -Photo Cabin on the Wheels

Photo Bus is a new service of  Smart Photos which appeared on Georgian market recently. It is a photo bus on the wheels, which is used for outdoor events and it’s very common in different countries. Marker had an interview with a founder of Photo bus concept, Aleksandre Dolidze.


What is the concept of the service? Was there a demand from customers to add photo bus?

This is a photo bus on the wheels which is used for outdoor events. We go to places and they sit inside to take pictures and gifs. The function is the same; it is just that packing is different to suit Open Air events.

Photo bus concept exists worldwide. It is different and very popular. You take the picture and print it. There was no demand but we are trying to adopt an international experience and establish things which are popular in other countries in Georgia too. Photo Bus exists for a long time already and there are other products as well, which we are going to establish on Georgian market.


 How many photo buses are currently available?

We have only one bus now, however, if there is a demand, we will add more buses. It is a Folkswagen bus, which was altered and we installed photo shooting equipment inside.