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New Regulations may be Introduced on the Opening of Hotels and Restaurants

Tourism Department of Adjara region has initiated the introduction of new regulations, such as the issuance of licenses for the opening of hotels and restaurants.

According to the Deputy Head of the Department Mamuka Berdzenishvili, there should be a special license to open a hotel or restaurant  in order thefacilities to conform to the minimum standards.

“There must be some sort of licensing system for hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and tour guides.There must be some minimal conditions necessary to start a business in this area. Such regulation exists in all normal countries. We should  not go far – such licenses are valid in Turkey, which, as you know, is a very successful tourist country,”- the official says.

According to him, the new regulation does not require the additional costs of entrepreneurs.

“There will be no additional financial burden, as in the case of compliance with the required standards, the license will be issued free of charge. We are talking about the minimum requirements. The licenses will not be paid, it is only necessary to comply with the minimum standards,”- states Mamuka Berdzenishvili.

Some tourism experts agree with the need to introduce new regulations.

Thus, according to the expert Shalva Alaverdashvili, regulations should be introduced, but only gradually and only with respect to new objects, but they must not touch the functioning ones.

“The situation on the market shows that the hotels and restaurants should be put in certain frameworks. Currently, the group of experts is working on minimum standards which observance is mandatory – for example, the creation of  an environment for people with disabilities, the availability of emergency exits, etc. “- he notes.

Some businessmen  agree with the new initiative.

They believe that the introduction of regulations will allow weed out unnecessary objects that are open in the summer season for 2-3 months and do not meet minimum standards.

“They do not comply with any standards of quality, hygiene, safety, they have bad service. The introduction of licensing will solve this problem,”- they say.

However, other entrepreneurs believe that the introduction of regulations would be the wrong move.

“They certainly will put some businessmen in an unequal position. In an extreme case,  the licensing oflarge hotels, but not family and small hotels, can be carried out ,”- they say.

According to  the President  of  the Federation Keti  Meladze, the main purpose of the association is to introduce standards and establish communication  with representatives of the hotel and restaurant business.

“Certain minimum standards will be developed especially for the personnel training. We all know what kind of situation we have in the service sector. We want to improve the quality of services in hotels and restaurants,”- say in the Federation.