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Minister of Health, Labor, and Social Affairs David Sergeenko, photo by Aleko Sharvadze

New Pharmaceutical Company Starts its Information Campaign in Georgia

“In the second part of January, we will have a chance to pay attention to new player Humanity-Georgia‘s informational activities,” David Sergeenko said regarding the new pharmaceutical company that recently entered Georgia.

I would like to emphasize that our strategy to increase affordability on drugs does not mean lobbying specific companies’ interests, such as Humanity-Georgia. This company has made huge steps to enter the Georgian market. We will pay close attention to its activities in Georgia starting January 2016. If this company encourages prices of the drugs to decrease and creates a healthy competition on the market, we will welcome them.

Company Humanity Georgia enters Georgia’s pharmaceutical market. Local business registry data shows that company was registered in Georgia in May of 2015. According to director of the company Andrey Kuzma, Humanity Georgia will offer Georgia’s pharmaceutical market a wide range of drugs.

HUMANITY’s current product portfolio lists more than 700 medications covering a range of dosages and delivery systems.

HUMANITY currently also has 156 new products in varying stages of development (Humanity Research and Development Center). Their products are represented in all 13 ATC codes, meaning that our medications are at work in every branch of modern medicine.