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Valeri Chekheria

New Georgian Hotel Brand of Stamba to Open at Building of Samshoblo Publishing House

InterContinental Hotel will not open at the building of Samshoblo publishing house. Valeri Chekheria, executive director of Adjara Group Hospitality, told the Commersant that instead of InterContinental a new hotel brand of Stamba will open in the building.

The hotel will be put into exploitation in two stages. Namely, 45 suites of Stamba will open at the end of 2017, while another part will open in spring 2018. The hotel will comprise 160 suites, Valeri Chekheria said.

At this stage, more than 15 million USD has been invested in the hotel construction and development. Through this project Adjara Group Hospitality is creating a new Georgian brand – Stamba”, Chekheria told the Commersant.

The third phase calls for arranging a conference hall, exhibition spaces and spa center by investing additional 5 million USD, he added.

Casino will be also unveiled on the hotel territory, however, Chekheria has not specified the hotel brand. Adjara Group has received offers from various companies, but final decision has not been taken yet. The casino will be equipped by Adjara Group”, Chekheria noted.

We remind you that Adjara Group bought the former building of Samshoblo publishing house in 2011 for 9 million USD. Later, 5-star InterContinental hotel construction works started in the building. At the beginning of 2017 Chekheria told the Commersant that active works were being carried out to open the hotel by the end of 2017.

“A hotel will definitely will open at the Samshoblo building, but under the brand of Stamba, not InterContinental”, Chekheria noted this time.