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New Director of Archi Group Plans to Strengthen Leading Positions

New Director of Archi Group Plans to Strengthen Leading Positions

Since 2006 Archi Group has been implementing many large-scale projects in Tbilisi and regions in various sectors. The company’s key direction covers construction and development projects. Archi Group has finished 6 residential complexes, 1 commercial project and has 8 ongoing projects in Tbilisi.

A month ago a new director Nino Gogoberidze took over management in Archi Group. The new director with multiyear managerial experience plans to implement more ambitious and large-scale plans in Archi Group.

– What challenges does your managerial position raise before you?

– Archi Group is a company with successful history in the construction and development market of Georgia. The company has withstood many crisis periods in the country and it makes advancement in stable regime for many years. The company’s strategic direction is to cover all segments and I completely agree with this policy. I plan to further deepen the way chosen by Archi Group and reach wider circles of customers. By the end of 2016 we will launch implementing four new projects in Tbilisi. Besides the capital city, we will also intensify efforts in regions too.

– What is the key competitive advantage of the group?

– There are many development companies in the Georgian development market and the competition is also very high. I would name customer-oriented policy as a key advantage of our company. «In All Districts of Tbilisi» signifies that Archi Group offers adapted products to all categories of customers and this is a huge priority in itself.

Moreover, we are oriented on our clients. We permanently control the quality and meet all European construction standards. It is also much advantage that we finish all projects without any delay.

Archi Group boldly maintains the status of a leading company and naturally, we will always protect our status.

– Future Plans

– More Comfort to Customers!

Focus on clients, first of all, permanent improvement of services and provision of maximal opportunities to make our clients content with our services and offered products.

By the end of 2016, we will implement 4 new projects with total investment value of 40 million USD. Besides Tbilisi, Archi Group plans to implement a project of new hotels in resort zones of Georgia. We will introduce the project in the near future.