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Small neighborhood on Tsereteli to Replace Coca-Cola’s Factory

It’s been several days that international company Cushman & Wakefield Georgia has completed the development of Coca-Cola’s existing factory.  The need for the development has come up after that was decided to move the factory to Natakhtari.

Businessman Temur Chkonia says at GBC that selling territories was also discussed, but according to the financial plan by Cushman & Wakefield Georgia, the intention is to construct small neighbourhood on Tsereteli.

The small area built on 3 hectares includes hotel, commercial center, residential building, fitness center and other infrastructure.

“Since this is not our business, we  are looking for a Georgian partner company because I think we have enough experience in the development sector and we will be able to achieve a good project and receive profit,” said Temur Chkonia and added that they haven’t had negotiations with any company at this stage.

The project will start after construction of the 21,000 sq.m. building and completed transfer of the factory in Natakhtari, which is expected to take 3.5 months.