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Natakhtari Fund will Assist 156 Adolescents in Acquiring Profession

 Natakhtari Fund presented the report on completion of the fifth wave of the fundraising campaign to the public.

The event was attended by the company management, journalists, project stakeholders and beneficiaries. They had the opportunity to express their opinions about the Fund activities and their importance.

GEL160,000 and 156 beneficiaries – these figures were announced by Natakhtari Fund for  2016-2017.   Cuneyt Arat, Managing Director of Natakhtari Company and Manana Omarashvili, Head of Psychology Service of the Association Our Home Georgia provided detailed information to the audience about future plans of the fund, its initiatives and the raised amount.

„18 years is the age when the state ceases to care for adolescents deprived of parental care. Natakhtari Fund starts working with adolescents under the state care from the age of 15 so that they have profession and employment perspective when reaching the age of 18.  We are trying to assist them in starting decent life, respectively, in acquiring adequate education. We also focus on their psychological preparation and afterwards we ensure their adequate employment”, – said Nikoloz Khundzakishvili, Corporate Director of Natakhtari Company.

“We know that we will be working with 156 beneficiaries during one year. This figure is based on the estimate how many adolescents live in a small family type homes and how many left the system. Unfortunately, the fund cannot afford to help those beneficiaries who live in host families. It would be desirable to strengthen the fund and start working in this area as well and help them. In addition, we make emphasis on social advocacy so that self-governments also assume some responsibility for them” – explained Manana Omarashvili, Head of Psychology Service of the Association Our Home Georgia.

“Ministry of Healthcare finances small family type homes. Natakhtari Fund showed high corporate responsibility and is assisting adolescents who are over 18. This is very important and should serve as a model for all large businesses,” – said Nutsa Odisharia, a Representative of the Social Security Department of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs.

Natakhtari Company established Natakhtari Fund in November 2011 and launched a new project Take Care of Future.  Each year, during three months, within the charity campaign framework, from each sold bottle of Natakhtari Lemonade 1, 3 and 5 Tetri are being transferred to the Fund in accordance with the bottle volume.

During 5 years GEL 747,857 were accumulated in the Fund and more than 300 adolescents were provided with various services in education and employment areas. The project is being implemented with the support of the Association Our Home Georgia and blessings of his Holiness and Beatitude the Patriarch of All Georgia.