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Staroprameen Beer

Natakhtari Became a Licensed Producer of Staropramen Beer

Natakhtari Brewery organized a presentation of Staropramen, Global Czech Brand. A brewing tour was offered to guests.

After the information tour Cuneyt Arat, CEO of Natakhtari Company, Tomas Pernitsky, Ambassador of Czech Republic, Nino Beneta, Director of Molson & Coors for Eastern Europe, Exports and Licensed Brands and Nikoloz Khundzakishvili, Corporate Director of Natakhtari addressed the audience.

„I am delighted to be in Georgia. Presentation held at Natakhtari Brewery is really distinguished. Staropramen was established 150 years ago and since then it has been refining. I am sure   that this beer produced by Natakhtari will be exactly the same as in Czech Republic,”Nino Beneta said.

Following the official part of the event, Czech cuisine and Staropramen  Beer were tasted to create Prague atmosphere.

“Staropramen Beer is a global brand of Czech origin. It was extremely important for us to obtain license for its production, in fact, Natakhtari was recognized as a company, which produces highest quality beer. The licensing process took one year. We made investments both in infrastructure and quality control improvement. As a result, we became one of the best producers in the world” Nikoloz Khundzakishvili noted.

Staropramen Beer is quite popular among Georgian beer fans. They know the value of this brand. It is important that Natakhtari started production of such brand locally. In my opinion, it is a good opportunity for beer fans to have locally produced Staropramen –  highlighted the Business Ombudsman Natakhtari’s success.

Natakhtari Company offers its consumers 10 beer brands and Staropramen is one of them. It is among the most popular brands in Czech Republic and has been produced since 1869. Staropramen is being exported to 37 countries mainly to Europe and North America.