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Nata Tsereteli

Nata Tsereteli: PR is the Art of Communication

Interview wit head of marketing and PR of Georgia’s one of the largest hypermarket chains, Nata Tsereteli.

Why did you decide to enter this field, and what kind of opportunities does this profession give you?

It’s been 12 years that I’ve worked as a marketer, and I love this business. I think jobs in marketing and PR are the most dynamic, interesting and creative jobs one can have. As this field is so dynamic, a person is constantly facing challenges: that’s why this is for someone who’s not afraid of difficulties and always looks ahead.

What is necessary for successful communication with the public?

PR is the art of communication. Most importantly, one should understand information thoroughly and share it afterwards. Properly conveying a story is key.

Three tips you would give to someone who wants to work in this field.

Based on my personal experience I would say – sincerity, transparency and simplicity of the message are the three poles on which I try to build communication.

What do you wish you knew before you started your career in PR?

PR means being ready to be in the spotlight; sometimes it can be annoying, but you should prepare yourself for that.

Describe a typical work week.

Busy and interesting. A lot of projects, presentations, meetings and nice people. I demand that every project is perfect, or at least I try. I get a pleasant sense at the end of the week, looking forward to news and new challenges. 

What is the best way of finding relevant contacts and sources?

I’m open to establishing new connections, attending meetings and events, responding to unknown phone calls. Isn’t communication the most important part of PR?

What do you prioritize at the start of your work day?

I start with makeup and looking through my to-do list. It’s good if a person can remember everything, but I prefer to write down everything precisely and follow my plans.

What are skills a Public Relations Specialist needs?

Being extroverted, having a mastery of analytics and diligence. I could name further skills, but if you have those three skills, I think it’s easy to learn other tasks.

What qualities do you value in a coworker?

Passion and loyalty to the business. Life is too short to not do what we love, and we should realize that well. Any problem can be solved when you love your job. It’s a great way for self expression and making your professional dreams come true.

What is the best PR practice that technology can’t replace?

Technologies take up a lot of space in our lives and this is inevitable. I still think the emotions that personal, human relationships bring can’t be replaced.

What are some of growing trends in the public relations industry?

Content remains important, and it’s understandable. You should reach customers with an interesting story, and have deep insight into them in this world of flowing information and advertisements. Creative visuals and messaging will make this story an unforgettable experience.